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The Art of Macro Photography

The Art of Macro Photography

There is an incredible “wow factor” when one looks at images that show small pieces of the natural world. If you enjoy viewing a bug’s eyes, flower pistils and stamens, lacy details of frost, or any of the millions of “small landscapes” that surround us, then this descriptive book about macro photography is for you! With 200 color photographs and 12 sections about macro photography gear, Bruce and Amy share their passion of macro photography while demonstrating how to capture these images.

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“Photography is at it’s best when it stops us in our tracks and we see the world in a different way. This incredible book takes us one step further.”

—Stephen Saunders, Co-owner Hidden Light LLC

"There are magnificent universes to discover in the world of macro photography. Amy and Bruce do a brilliant job of helping you take the journey. Enjoy!"

Jeff Kida, Photography Editor,
Arizona Highways Magazine

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